How to check your gift card balance

Most websites that allow gift cards allow people to check their balance before redeeming. Some don’t have a way to do that.
Here on Heylumi, we have included a link for various sites where you can check your gift card balance. If you don’t know what a gift card is, you can check here. You will also know how it works from there.

how to check your gift card balance

1. eBay Gift Card: You must log in to do that. Then visit

2. Walmart: You have to use a US IP address. Other countries may mark the gift card as invalid. If you use a VPN to check it, the card will be blocked. Make sure you are in the US before you visit to check the gift card.

3. Apple Store Gift Card: You have to sign in or create an account. After that go to

4. Nordstrom Gift Card: You can simply visit now.

5. Sephora Gift Card: Nigeria is restricted from accessing its balance checking page. You can use any VPN. The link is

6. Google Play Store Card: We have already written an article on how to redeem your gift card online. We mean this particular type of card. You will see the balance when you are about to redeem it.

7. Steam Wallet Gift Card: Just visit Make sure the card is unused. You will see the balance before you can proceed to redeem it to your account.

8. Nike Gift Card: There are own is even simple. Check

9. Target Gift Card: You can visit for that.

10. Best Buy Gift Card: You have to go to

11. American Express: Nigeria IP is restricted. You need to be in the US or use a VPN. Check

The majority of sites where you can check your gift card balance require you to be from the US. You can try using a VPN or contact someone in the US who you can trust to do it for you. However, to avoid blocking the card, you can use the second option or don’t bother to check it at all.