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This is the perfect place to change your gift card to Naira. You don’t have to search somewhere else. Depend on us for that.


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Accepts all

There are no limitations on the type you can exchange here. All are acceptable on our platform.

Fast Payment

When it comes to sending your money, you need a site that can do it fast. So, been here is not a mistake. Relax and begin right away.

Best Customer Support

Our agents are always ready to attend to you whenever you have any available. So, you are at the right place.

How to change gift card to naira

1) Launch App

Download/Open Telegram on your device.

2) Initiate Transaction

Tell us the type of card you want to sell.

3) Be Paid

Upload/Send your card. Then allow us to verify and pay you.

If you don't have Telegram, visit, then choose and download the one for your device.

What are your Gift Card to Naira Rates?

Knowing the rate for what you want to trade is important. We have designed a transparent system that gives you the best rate for your gift card to naira exchanges.
You don’t have to worry at all since it is available on your account dashboard.

Whenever you want to sell gift cards for cash, the amount you will be paid will be shown to you.
There is no special increase for any kind of user, whether you are an old member or not.
Everyone gets the same rate. You can trade or sell any kind of gift card on our website.

In case, you don’t see the exact one you want to sell, you can reach an online agent for a custom transaction.

Isn’t that amazing?

Whether you have a $100 Amazon Gift Card to Naira or any type, we will give you the best rate.

What we just hope you will do for us as the perfect provider is, refer your friends and family to our platform. Let them enjoy what we offer, with you.
They will be glad for informing them on where they can easily get excellent rates and fast payment when they want to exchange or trade.

frequently asked question
sell gift cards for nigeria naira

Do You Support Other Payment Methods?

You can choose to receive Bitcoin instead of direct naira payment. This option can be triggered by selecting it from the payment tab. You must make sure you enter your correct BTC wallet ID.
We may decide to revoke this means if there is any need. Just check the option when you login to see whether it is available or not.
But, Gift Card to Naira exchange option will always be there for every user.

Review From Our Users

Awesome functionality

When I need to trade, I always come here. Heylumi has proven to be the best so far. I just hope they expand more and not only offer services to Nigerians.

Reliable Always

My wife recommended this place to me since she tried it herself. I always prefer face-to-face transactions. But after seeing how simple and amazing this service is, I now change my card for cash from my home. No more meeting people before I perform this kind of deal.

Top-Notch Anytime

You guys won’t understand what I passed through on other websites. My payment was delayed for days. Here, it was smooth. I just hope you will stay for a long time.
Your design is even amazing. It loads well on my old phone, unlike other places I have tried.